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Because Syria brutalizes its own people. Israel and Iran stare at each other down the barrel of a gun?  They could unleash the dogs of war and drag us into the fight. Because we care about the security of Israel.  We … Continue reading

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Okay then, what about the Palestinians?

Newt Gingrich, historian and American candidate for President says they don’t exist.  Those people, “Palestinians” in Israel and the West Bank are really just people who moved to Palestine from other Arab countries.  Wikipedia states otherwise: “The Palestinian people, (Arabic: … Continue reading

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People vs. Policies

Visitors to the United States frequently tell me they like the American people even though they disapprove of some of our government’s policies abroad.  A white Republican leader enjoys golf with the black Democrat President as a genuine friend, while … Continue reading

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Historic Jewish Flight to Palestine

“A land without a people, for a people without a land,”  The slogan fit the modern Zionist movement of Herzl from Germany in the late 1890’s,  secular, not religious.  But his diary cautions “removal of the poor must be carried … Continue reading

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You’re so different from—“how still we see thee lie.”  A large refugee camp in shabby buildings with shell holes in them from the war of 2002.  Beautiful white towering buildings on the surrounding hills protected by walls and highways we … Continue reading

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You can’t.  You can’t even change somebody else, only you.  But that somebody or group can change—if they want. What makes you want to change?  Something is not working right in your life or in the world.  A hurt, an … Continue reading

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