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“Love Unites People, Not Hatred”

Sometimes a song reflects the heartbeat of a people.  It is beyond words though words are used.  It touches the soul- the pain of the past or the aspirations of hope for the future.  Cameron Mackintosh’s musical Les Mis`erables based … Continue reading

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Would You Resist?

If your neighbor took over much of your front yard, your living room, kitchen and one bedroom?  Their family moved in with force and occupied part of your home with plans to stay and take over the entire property eventually.  … Continue reading

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Shoah, Nakba and Re-writing History

Catastrophe or “Shoah” in Hebrew refers in Israel to the Holocaust of Nazi Germany, the   systematic extermination of six million Jewish people during WWII.  The preserved death camps, Auschwitz and others lie in silent evidence of the horror of that … Continue reading

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What’s A Good Zionist to Do?

Not easy these days for those of us in the Israeli government.  People in other countries keep talking about the West Bank, or even worse, Palestine.  The territories are really Judea and Samaria.  And it’s not occupied land since it … Continue reading

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Zionism: Why Is It Important?

The intractable Israeli conflict with Palestine puzzles many Americans.  For example, looking through the Israeli lens, why would Netanyahu on his way to Poland, now castigate his own government’s joint statement with Polish authorities, quoted in Haaretz today: “Both governments … Continue reading

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The Tension Grows

The good news—he still has a job.  The bad news—he hasn’t been paid now for three months.  Our Palestinian friend had introduced us proudly to a family in their new house last summer.  (The old one, an adjacent pile of … Continue reading

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Behold the Duck

swimming gracefully on the placid water, trailing behind a gentle wake in the morning sunshine.  Beautiful, peaceful he glides, showing his Mallard colors.  It looks effortless.  But only because we don’t see the sometimes furious paddling below the surface.  Let’s … Continue reading

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