Fiction books

By Lloyd Johnson, soon to be released and pending publication:

“Living Stones” a novel, chronicles a young American woman’s adventures while struggling to make sense of the on-going trouble in the land called Holy. Beautiful graduate student, Ashley Wells, victim of Seattle jihadist bombing and abduction in Jerusalem, becomes torn between her love for a Palestinian scholar and her Zionist convictions.

Koehler Publishing, the fiction imprint of Morgan James Publishers of New York are announcing the release of my book in June 2013, e-book first, paperback in September.
Living in Bethlehem last summer reinforced our years of travel and study. The current Middle East turmoil and President Obama’s visit make the story timely. It weaves through Palestinian/Israeli conflicts largely hidden to many of us in the U.S.

“Cry of Hope.” sequel to “Living Stones”   Ashley Wells, and finance Najid Haddad become enmeshed between traumatized Palestinians and Israeli soldiers in Israel following the bombing of Gaza and demonstration at Qalandia checkpoint.  Can enemies become friends and find forgiveness?  Is reconciliation even possible?

“Circling the Oasis”   What excited Jackie Carson so intensely that night before she died?  Dr. David Carson, stripped of everything he values, must find out.  His quest leads to costly adventures and medical drama that spans two continents.


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