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Peeping Under the Cover

The speaker using the old overhead projector would gradually uncover his subject one line at a time. He’d move the overlying paper down, but very slowly.  If you stayed awake, and if he held your interest, you wanted him to … Continue reading

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Why Did the Arab Spring Become Winter—that American Might Can’t Fix?

Yesterday President Obama kicked back to Congress the decision to punish the Assad government of Syria,  Chemical warfare notwithstanding, most Americans do not want another Iraq which again spirals toward civil war despite our efforts:  the tragic loss of  American … Continue reading

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“To Loosen The Chains Of Injustice”

Sometimes in reading you stumble on nuggets of wisdom like this one from George MacDonald, 1875, in his “The Fisherman’s Lady, ” page 114:  “…it’s the business of every man, where he can, to loosen the chains of injustice and … Continue reading

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Zionism: Why Is It Important?

The intractable Israeli conflict with Palestine puzzles many Americans.  For example, looking through the Israeli lens, why would Netanyahu on his way to Poland, now castigate his own government’s joint statement with Polish authorities, quoted in Haaretz today: “Both governments … Continue reading

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The Tension Grows

The good news—he still has a job.  The bad news—he hasn’t been paid now for three months.  Our Palestinian friend had introduced us proudly to a family in their new house last summer.  (The old one, an adjacent pile of … Continue reading

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Behold the Duck

swimming gracefully on the placid water, trailing behind a gentle wake in the morning sunshine.  Beautiful, peaceful he glides, showing his Mallard colors.  It looks effortless.  But only because we don’t see the sometimes furious paddling below the surface.  Let’s … Continue reading

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The Good Ol’ Days

were better some say, when gasoline in the U.S. sold for 19 cents per gallon and we didn’t fight any wars.  In the 1950’s.  On the other hand, we had our intercontinental ballistic missiles with hydrogen bomb warheads pointed at … Continue reading

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