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Peeping Under the Cover

The speaker using the old overhead projector would gradually uncover his subject one line at a time. He’d move the overlying paper down, but very slowly.  If you stayed awake, and if he held your interest, you wanted him to … Continue reading

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“We Lay Aside Preconceived Ideas and Listen”

Ann Gaylia O’Barr, author, commenting on “Living Stones” wrote in a note to me: “I know that living and working in the Middle East certainly changed my perspective about Americans and our relationships there.” You can’t visit the people of … Continue reading

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Peace Talkers or Peace Makers?

While Egypt and Syria have dominated the news, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has struggled valiantly over several weeks to bring Israel and Palestine together.  He needs our prayers as do both parties to the 65 year-old conflict.  Do … Continue reading

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“To Loosen The Chains Of Injustice”

Sometimes in reading you stumble on nuggets of wisdom like this one from George MacDonald, 1875, in his “The Fisherman’s Lady, ” page 114:  “…it’s the business of every man, where he can, to loosen the chains of injustice and … Continue reading

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Shoah, Nakba and Re-writing History

Catastrophe or “Shoah” in Hebrew refers in Israel to the Holocaust of Nazi Germany, the   systematic extermination of six million Jewish people during WWII.  The preserved death camps, Auschwitz and others lie in silent evidence of the horror of that … Continue reading

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The Good Ol’ Days

were better some say, when gasoline in the U.S. sold for 19 cents per gallon and we didn’t fight any wars.  In the 1950’s.  On the other hand, we had our intercontinental ballistic missiles with hydrogen bomb warheads pointed at … Continue reading

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The Middle East/North Africa pot bubbles with conflict while we in the United States try to “help.”  But it doesn’t seem to work.  There’s oil there, and we do understand that.  But being separated by large seas and being a … Continue reading

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